ACT Animal Welfare Legislation

The Australian Capital Territory's Animal Welfare Acts are managed by Territory and Municipal Services. Visit their website for more information about their responsibilities.

Please familiarise yourself with the laws relevant to your state. In particular, note the rules governing the minimum holding times for animals that can end up in pounds.


Part 2, Division 2.7, Section 66 - Selling or destroying dogs (other than dangerous dogs) seized under general or attacking and harassing power

  1. The registrar may sell or destroy the dog if-
    1. not later than 7 days after the day of the seizure, the registrar cannot find out who is the dog's keeper after making reasonable inquiries; or
    2. the dog's keeper relinquishes ownership of the dog under section 69; or
    3. not later than 7 days after the day notice under section 60 (1) (c) was given to the dog's keeper, the keeper does not tell the registrar, in writing, that the keeper wishes to claim the dog and, if the dog is not registered, apply to the registrar to register the dog.

Don't leave your dog always chained up.