To help you in your search for your new friend this page contains a map of locations, website links and contact details for pet rescuers around the country.

The contacts listed on the map do not include nationwide council pounds where you might find other critters waiting for your love and attention. Please visit the Council Pounds page to find pounds and shelters in your area where you may also find a deserving creature just waiting for you to adopt them.

Things to note that will help you make the most of your search for pet rescue groups on the map:

  1. Click Enlarge the map (top right of map) to expand the map. Type your suburb into the search bar to see the animal rescuers in or around your area. Zoom in to properly view all the icons on the map.
  2. The locations listed on the map are a guide only. Many pet rescue groups have a large network of volunteers and foster carers spread over a wide region. If you haven't found a group listed near you, it doesn't mean there won't actually be somebody in your vicinity. Please enquire with the pet rescue groups around you. You will probably find that there is an animal for adoption in your region just waiting for you to find them.

    Also, some pet rescue groups can make arrangements to transport an animal to you. This depends on time and resources, but you won't know if you don't ask.

  3. Can't find what you are looking for? Pet rescue groups/individuals are extremely busy doing what they do best - helping animals in need. They don't always have the time or resources to keep their websites updated with their newest rescued animals. Once again, please contact them and make some enquiries. Don't solely rely on their websites for current information.

    If, upon contact, they don't have the companion you have been looking for, they can probably point you in the right direction to somebody who does. Some pet rescue groups/individuals will also take your details and put you on a waiting list. Most groups have a high rescue rate, so will have more lovely, deserving animals for adoption on any given day.

The links below, mainly Facebook pages, are organised by people who have a love of animals and want to help get the word out about the animals that need rescue or adoption. They are not necessarily pet rescue groups but assist by cross-posting and sharing. Take a look here too!

Website/Facebook Page

Adopt a Rescue Pet Cairns and Surrounds
Adopt Don't Shop: Cats:- Hawkesbury Hills Penrith
All Creatures Great and Small Rescue Support
Animal Adoptions Support Victoria
Animal Rescue and Re-Homing Junction Australia
Animals for Adoption and Rescue in Australia
Animals for Adoption or Foster Australia Wide
Animals for Foster Care or Adoption in Australia Working Together
Animals Lost & Found/Fostering/Adoption & Help
Animals Needing Forever Homes! Save a Life.
Aussie Old Dogs
Australian Bull Terrier Rescue
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Victoria
Australian Deaf Dog Network
Australian Pet Adoptions
Australian Staffy Rescue Network
Australian Urgent Animals Rescue and Pledge Page
AWLQ's Adopt a Guinea
Belgian Dog Rescue Australia
Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue Central Coast NSW
Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue Hawkesbury
Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue South East Logan
Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue Wollongong Shellharbour Region
Black and White Cats Rule
Blacktown Pound Pets Needing Homes NSW
Blockheads in Need Boxer Rehoming NSW
Buddy Wagga's Wandering Dog's - Rescue Page
Bull Breeds Lost and Found or in the Pound
Bull Breeds Victoria - Lost and Found, Rescue and Re-homing
Caring for Cowra Pound Animals
Cats and Dogs in Need of Help
Cat's Friends of Blacktown Pound
Cats Scared Confused Feral Deathrow Help
Coober Pedy Animals Second Chance
Country Cats Pledge & Share
Central Coast Rescue Animals
Crossposters United in Australian Capital Territory
Crossposters United in Northern Territory, Australia
Crossposters United in New South Wales, Australia
Crossposters United In Queensland, Australia
Crossposters United in South Australia
Crossposters United in Tasmania, Australia
Crossposters United in Victoria, Australia
Crossposters United in Western Australia
Dachshund Rehoming in Australia
Deaf Dogs - Rescue Dogs
Death Row Dogs in Need Network
Dobermans and Rottweilers in Need Australia
Dobermans in Need of Rescue Australia
Dogs and Cats for Rehoming & Rescue Adelaide
Dogs in Need - Hunter Region, NSW
Dogs in Need NSW
Dunroamin Pet Haven
Every Greyhound
Every Greyhound (Facebook)
FNQ Adoption or Rehoming, Cats, Kittens, Dogs, Puppies and All Other Animals
For the Love of Dogs Penrith-Hawkesbury
Friends of Casino Pound Northern NSW 2470
Friends of Glenfield Road Animal Shelter
Friends of Greyhound Adoption Program (Australia)
Friends of Gundagai Pound
Friends of Harden Pound
Friends of Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter
Friends of Mudgee Pound
Friends of the Wingecarribee Animal Shelter
From Rescue to Rehome - Australia
Fur Babies in Australian Pounds
Furbabies Needing Forever Homes
GAWS - We Need You: Strays and Losties Photo Page
Give a Dog a Home!
Give a Dog a Home (Facebook)
Golden Oldies Animal Rescue Assisted Rehoming
Great Dane Rescue & Rehoming Australia
Greyhound Rescue Network Australia
Greyhounds Australia Rescue
Griffith Cats Dogs Rescue Adopt NSW
Gun Dog Rescue Victoria
Help Find Us Homes
Help Homeless Cats SA
Help Adelaide's Animal Rescue Shelters
Helping Dogs Find New Homes Australia
Helpozpets South Australia Northern Territory & QLD
Hervey Bay & Maryborough Rescue Cats
Horses at Auction - Preview
Huskies in Need of Help
Impounded Dogs - District Council of Coober Pedy
Irish Wolfhounds in Need of Rescue Australia
It's All About the Dogs (& the Kitties Too!) Discussion Group

Website/Facebook Page

Just Kelpies Rescues
Kalgoorlie Dog Adoption
Latrobe Valley Pound Pets Needing Homes
Mackay Pound Paws
Mackay Pound Pets
Malamutes for Adoption
Melbourne Pet Rescue
Mildura Cats and Dogs to Adopt
Mildura Pound Cats/Kittens
Mildura Shelter Cats/Kittens
Mildura Shelter Dogs/Puppies
Missing Pets Australia Rescue - (NGO) Non-Government Organisation
Moving Paws Furkid Share Spot
Networking Adoptable Dogs Australia
NSW Country Pound Links Save Dogs Cats Australia
NSW Pound Dog Rescue Network
Parkes Pound Puppies
Perth Greyhounds in Need
Perth Pet Re-Homing and Rescue
Perth Pets in Need
Perth Pets Urgent Foster, Adopt, Lost and Found
Pet Adoption WA
Pets in Need Australia
Pets Lost, Found or Needing a Forever Home in the Wide Bay Area
Port Stephens Animals in Need
Pound Patrol
Pound Paws
Pound Paws QLD
Poundcc Group
Puppy Dog Rescue
Purebred Cat Rescue
Purrfect Match's Sponsor a Rescued Cat or Kitten
Redlands Unwanted Pets - Australia
Rescue & Fostering Guinea Pigs
Rescue Animals Available for Adoption - Victoria
Rescue Dogs
Rescue Dogs Needing Foster Care Brisbane
Rescue Hub
Rescue Pet Adoptions and Services - Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central West
Rescue Site for Animals
RescueCat Project
RescueCat Project - Direct Adoptions
Rescues United Saving Shelter Animals
Riverina and Beyond Pounds
Rottweilers Needing Rescue & Rehoming Australia
RSPCA QLD Rescue Network
SA Rescue/Shelter Animal Sales
Safe Paws and Happy Endings - Australian Country Pounds Pledge and Share
Save a Cat - Cat Rescue
Save a Dog from Broken Hill Pound
Save Darebin Pets Save Our Gorgeous Dogs
Save Our Gorgeous Dogs & Puppies
Save Our Gorgeous Elderly Pets
Save Our Gorgeous Kittens & Mum Cats & Juniors
Save Our Gorgeous Pets
Save Our Gorgeous Tabby & White Cats
Save Our Gorgeous Tortis & Gingers
Save Our Gorgeous Tuxedo Cats & Black Cats
Save-a-Paw Independent Pet Rescue...Foster and Adoption Drive
Save-a-Spot Network Australia
Second Chance Dogs Sydney
Shadow's Safe Haven SSH
Shadow's Safe Haven Adoption and Lost N Found Pets
Shih Tzu Rescue Australia
Siamese Cat Rehoming Service Australia
Small Rescue's Big Hearts
Sophie's Choice
South Australian Dachshunds and Italian Greyhound Friends
Southern Highlands Animal Adoptions
Staffords & Amstaffs in Rescue Looking for a Home in Victoria
Staffy Bull Cross Breed Dogs in Pounds NSW Vic Australia
Staffy Rescue Network
STSP Adopt a Cat Program
Sydney NSW Foster Care Love Rescue Pet Rehoming
Tabby Cats in Need of Homes Sydney NSW Australia
Taree Pound Rounds & Surrounds (Dogs in Need Lost/Found/Pound/Rescue etc)
Top End Lost and Found
Town & Country Rescue Pets to Adopt Australia
Trapped and Found Cats Taken to Renbury, Blacktown and Hawkesbury Shelters
Urgent Animals in Australian Pounds
Victoria (Australia) Animal Adoptions
Victorian Lost Pet Register Pound Listings
Victorian Animal Foster Carers
Wagga Dogs & Cats in Need of Adoption or Rescue
Western Australia Animal Rescue and Adoption and Lost and Found Pets
Working Breed in Need - Lost/Found/Adopt ... (Farmers Welcome) Australia
Your Purrfect Friend