NSW Animal Welfare Legislation

The Animal Welfare Acts of New South Wales are managed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Visit their website for more information about their responsibilities.

Please familiarise yourself with the laws relevant to your state. In particular, note the rules governing the minimum holding times for animals that can end up in pounds.


Part 7, Section 64 - Unclaimed seized or surrendered animal may be sold or destroyed

  1. If a seized animal (including an animal delivered to a council pound under section 63A) or a surrendered animal (other than an animal surrendered by its owner) has not been claimed, the council may sell or destroy the animal:
    1. if notice under section 63 (1) or (1A) has been given-after the period of 14 days following the giving of the notice, or
    2. if such a notice is not required to be given-after the animal has been held at the council pound for a period of 7 days.

Part 7, Section 64A - Animals surrendered by owners may be sold or destroyed

  1. A council may at any time sell or destroy a surrendered animal if the animal was surrendered by its owner to the council pound.
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