Oscar's Law's main campaigns are to raise awareness of the fact that puppy farms exist, to educate people on pet shop, internet and newspaper supplied animals, to encourage people to adopt animals from rescue groups and shelters, and to bring about animal welfare laws that will completely abolish puppy farms and the sale of animals in pet shops on the internet and in newspapers.

Oscar's Law is named after a small dog, Oscar, who was fortunate enough to be rescued from shocking conditions from a puppy farm - twice!

Oscar, along with other dogs rescued, had fur so terribly matted that it was tearing at his skin, had ear infections, was covered in mites and fleas, had abscesses from grass seeds wedged in his skin, had such badly infected teeth that he could not eat, and was severely underweight. He lived like this for the 5 years he was kept as a stud dog. The puppy farmer had no animal cruelty charges laid against them and still operates.

The sad reality is that that cute little puppy in the pet shop window has probably come from appalling puppy farm conditions and has left his mother and father behind in hell on earth where they will live until they die.

The majority of suppliers of pet shops and online animal sales breed animals not for the love of the breed or the animal, but to get a quick dollar. In Australia there are hundreds of these farms (also known as puppy mills or puppy factories), some with several hundred dogs imprisoned in terrible conditions.

Puppy farming has become popular as pet shops are always in high demand of disposable pets and internet trade grows.

Most puppy farmers cram as many animals as possible into as small a space as possible to maximise their profits. Most animals contained by these unscrupulous farmers never see a vet, sunlight, grass or love and affection. They are never properly socialised with humans or other animals, and never receive decent veterinary care.

People who mass breed like this have no concern for the welfare of these animals, feeding them little, not ensuring an adequate warm, clean shelter or bedding, and not treating injuries or illnesses. They make a much better profit if they don't have to spend any money on the animals.

Many females have so many litters that they literally die from the exhaustion their bodies have suffered. Being under-fed, dehydrated and in generally poor condition leaves their immunity defences very low, and having many litters immediately after one another is extremely stressful on their physical well being. When the mother can no longer have litters, for whatever reason, she is dumped, killed or just cruelly left to die.

Many raids by RSPCA and other caring people have been carried out at these farms across Australia, and sadly, many of the animals have had to be euthanised due to being very sick, injured beyond repair, diseased, or severely malnourished, and more often than not, a combination of all these.

While the cute puppy in the window looks too cute to be true, please don't buy him. In doing so you are more than likely supporting one of the evil owners of these farms and you are also supporting the supply and trade to pet shops who know exactly where these animals come from and refuse to acknowledge the awful truth of their situation, just so they can retain their huge blood-money profit margins.

To pet shops, from puppy mills. Dealing in misery.

If you wish to buy a puppy that is not a shelter animal and the person selling the puppy can't or won't show you the puppy with its mother and where it was raised, the chances are that the puppy was born on a puppy farm.

You can help bring an end to puppy farms by not buying that gorgeous pup in the window, refusing to buy anything at all from a pet shop that sells animals (unless they are shelter animals), and by supporting Oscar's Law.