QLD Animal Welfare Legislation

Queensland's Animal Welfare Acts are managed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Visit their website for more information about their responsibilities.

Please familiarise yourself with the laws relevant to your state. In particular, note the rules governing the minimum holding times for animals that can end up in pounds.


Part 6, Section 100 - Surrender of regulated dog

  1. An owner of a regulated dog may surrender it to the relevant local government.
  2. On the surrender, the dog becomes the local government's property.
  3. The local government must destroy the dog as soon as practicable after the surrender.

Part 4, Section 127 - Power to destroy seized regulated dog

  1. The [authorised person] may destroy the dog 3 days after the seizure if:
    1. the dog:
      1. was not seized under section 125(1)(b)(i); and
      2. has no registered owner, or apparently has no registered owner; and
      3. is not the subject of a regulated dog declaration by the relevant local government; and
    2. the person or the relevant local government does not know of anyone who owns , or is a responsible person for, the dog.
  1. If a destruction order is made for the dog, the person may destroy the dog 14 days after the order is served if no application for internal review has been made relating to the order.
Walk your dogs regularly.