First and foremost thanks must go to all the amazing people who work tirelessly for the animals.

These may be rescuers, rehabilitators, foster carers, transporters, donators, volunteers, temperament assessors, fundraisers, photographers - anybody at all who contributes in any way to help save or enrich the lives of our animals.

Thank you!

Thanks also go to the fabulous Helena Koustoulidis for designing the Australian Rescue and Rehoming Resource logo.

A big thanks to the talented Animal Welfare Cartoons NRT for permission to use their clever, hard-hitting cartoons. Please visit their Facebook page to keep up-to-date with their newest cartoon campaigns.

And I must also thank my lovely daughter, Krista, for putting up with me while building the original website and for re-designing the new look website!

I don't just like animals, I love them.