WA Animal Welfare Legislation

Western Australia's Animal Welfare Acts are managed by the Department of Agriculture and Food. Visit their website for more information about their responsibilities.

Please familiarise yourself with the laws relevant to your state. In particular, note the rules governing the minimum holding times for animals that can end up in pounds.

DOG ACT 1976

Part 6, Division 1, Section 29 - Power to seize strays, etc.

  1. Where a dog is detained under subsection (3) -
    1. if the dog is wearing a registration tag or the owner is otherwise readily identifiable, the authorised person causing it to be detained shall also cause notice to be given to the owner in the prescribed manner and form as soon as is practicable; and
    2. the dog shall be kept and maintained for a period of at least 72 hours next following -
      1. where notice is given under paragraph (a) the giving of that notice; or
      2. where no such notice is required to be given, the time the detention commenced, but, subject to this section, to the prior payment of any moneys required in accordance with subsection (4), to be paid to the local government detaining the dog, and to section 33G, or unless the dog is required to be detained as evidence of an offence, shall be delivered up to a person who produces satisfactory evidence of ownership or of his authority to take delivery of it.
  1. Where a dog has been seized and detained, whether or not under this section, and -
    1. the dog is not claimed; or
    2. the person in whose name the dog is registered declines to resume possession of the dog; or
    3. any moneys due in relation to the dog are not paid; or
    4. section 33G(6) applies
    5. an authorised person may cause the dog to be destroyed.

Dog fighting is illegal.